A New (Cheaper) Way to do Sliding Doors on Furniture

How many of you love the barn door look?  I know, me too!  

I have a "real deal" sliding door track in my master bathroom 
and I LOVE IT!  
But what about adding sliding doors to pieces of furniture?  I love the look and wanted to do just that...on two media consoles in my living room.  That's 4 doors on two tracks.  I had to figure out the best and cheapest way to get the look I love.

First of all...I followed this tutorial at That's My Letter for adding these sliding doors to a piece of furniture.  The piece Jamie built is amazing and the hardware is the real deal.  Seriously...go check it out.  I did all the same steps and got pretty much the same look so I'm not going to recreate her tutorial in this post.  I'm simply going to tell you how I got the same effect for much less money. 

(Side note: I built my media consoles using this plan from Ana White and Nikki Grandy: Grandy Sliding Door Media Console.  My unit is 66"x36"x19" and made of 2x4's for the frame and cedar fence pickets for the trim/siding/doors.)

While I was getting ready to start this project I did some pricing for the materials I'd need for the sliding door hardware that Jamie at That's My Letter used and here's what it cost at my local Big Orange:

1 - 1" L shape angle bar x 1/8" thick x 72"l (bottom track) $13.00 ea
1 – 1.25" flat bar x 1/8" thick x 72"l (horizontal track) $10.97
4 = 1” x 36” black flat bars for door details (door braces)$6.48 ea.
4 - 1 1/2" awning pulleys  $2.36 ea
3 - #12 x 2 1/2" metal screws $1.50/box
3 - 1" steel spacers $0.97 ea.
24 - 1/4" washers $1.18/pack
7 - 1/4" hex nuts $1.18/pack – need 2
4 - #12 x 1 1/2" metal screws $0.47ea
8 - #12 x 3/4" metal screws $0.40 ea.

 I did choose to add 4 metal bar pieces to the list because I really wanted the black metal pieces on the door to extend all the way down.  But this shopping list ads up to...


What?  And I am going to build two of the pieces...


Yikes!  That's quite a chunk of change for the hardware on 
a piece of furniture.

So what was I going to do?!?!
...I roamed the halls at Big Orange quite a few times and tested ideas with random items from about every department before I came up with the simplest solution:

>>>Same Design...cheaper materials<<<

What I mean by that is I don't need to come up with a crazy new way to do sliding doors...I need to find cheaper materials that 

So back to Big Orange for this Cheaper 
New and Improved shopping list:

2 = 72” lattice boards for rail $0.80 ea.
1 = 72” lattice board for bottom rail guide $0.80 ea.
2 = .5” spacers for top rail used pipe sections...see below
4 = 1” spacers for bottom rail guide used pipe sections
4 = 32” lattice strips for door details 2 lattice boards: $0.80 ea.
4 = .5” spacers for "wheels" used pipe sections
4 = 1.25” hex bolts $0.47 ea.
4 =  0.25” steel cap nuts $1.18/pack.
4 = ~8” black lattice strips for back of door FREE-scraps
4 - .25" washers $1.18/pack
4 = 3” long screws to mount both rails already had

 So for anyone keeping track the grand total is...


What?!?!  Heck yes!...$8.24 per media console for the same look!

Here's the two main changes I made that saved me big:

1. Replace all the metal flat bars for Lattice Wood.  This cut down on the cost tremendously and with a few coats of Hammered Metal spray paint ($7) they look great.  I did glue two pieces together for the top track for extra stability. (saved me $45.92)

2. Replaced the metal spacers and wheels with cut up pieces of an $0.80 black PVC pipe (red circles in picture below).  You can find something like this in the plumbing section.  It's 1/2" in diameter and 18" long. It only costs $0.80 and one will be more than enough for both of my media consoles.  Jackpot!  (Saved me: $11.55)

I've had the three kiddos 'testing' the doors all day and everything is working great!  I'm glad I added the lower track to hold the doors back because the kids seem to want to pull out as they slide them back and forth.  

 So I got my sliding door console just like I wanted and didn't have to spend a small mint on the hardware! 

UPDATE:  I've had a few questions about how sturdy this sliding door hardware is...and while I can say it's working great for me (my kids have already filled the console up with all sorts of treasures) I would have to recommend you don't use the wood sliding door hardware with a very heavy door.

Now I just have to Find The Time to build #2!
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