About Me

Hi! My name is Kathryn and thank you for reading my blog...
I can find the time.
As most of you must have already guessed, my blog is about
finding time to do everything we want to do,
without missing any of the things we have to do. 
Basically it will document my search for the ever
desired "work/life" balance.
"Work" is going to include:
-My new job: being a stay at home mom to my three kids under 5
-maintaining our house
-getting back to training for a few triathlons before the end of the year
-so many craft/project ideas I can't even count them all!

Lucky for you all...I'll only post about the craft ideas!

"Life" is going to include:
-spending time with my husband and children and family

My goal is to combine all those things in the best way possible
and live the dream life!



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