25th Hour To Do List

In the spirit of my blog's theme:

Finding the time to do the projects we love

Here are the projects I would love to work on...if today had 25 hours in it!

I have two plain white bookcases that could use some major TLC...especially since my plan is for them to serve as a quick, cheap, 'DIY' buffet in the dinning room until we buy a real one!  And this wallpaper would go perfectly with the amazing Pier 1 table/chairs I scored off Craig's List last month!

Since none of our 'kids' rooms in the new house have ceiling light fixtures {WHAT?!?!  That's right, no light or fan wiring in the ceiling...I couldn't believe it!} I have been thinking that some sort of painted chandelier swag lights might be needed because the small desk lamps are not cutting it.  And a little bling is always nice for little girls!

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Brownies in a waffle maker!  WHAAAAAT?!?!  I am so dying to try this (and all the "cookie in a waffle maker" ideas I have seen), but we need to eat all the Christmas treats first before I make more!  I wonder what else you can cook super fast in a waffle maker? :)

So that's my 25th Hour To Do List for this weekend...so many projects so little time!

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