Custom Cupcake Stand Shelf Liner

This is the third posting for my series on how to make your own
custom party decorations
based on what I made for my daughters first birthday.

I hope these posts will inspire you to make some one of a kind decorations for your next party!

This post is for a very simple project that can have a large visual impact… adding liners to the shelves of a plain white cupcake stand.

Once I decided to have cupcakes instead of a cake for my daughter’s birthday I thought having a multi tiered stand to display them on would give great vertical visual impact, as well as save some valuable counter space for the buffet set up.
I did lots of research on what types of cupcake stands are out there, and decided to get this stand from Wilton that has solid shelves as opposed to the open wire ‘stem’ look of most cupcake trees.

I really like the cupcake stand, and am already coming up with other uses for it! The only downside is that it’s plain and white and slightly…BORING!

So I came up with a quick fix for adding some temporary detail to the stand that can be reinvented for every party you host.

To make the shelf liners, separate the layers and trace each one onto a piece of scrapbook paper.

Once that is traced, mark the exact center of the circle and flip over the shelf to trace the center circle.
Now its time to cut out the shelf liner. Cut out the outer circle first. Since the shelves are sloped slightly downward, it is beneficial to cut directly into each of the circles to allow them to form a very slight cone shape. This also makes it easier to cut out the inner circle.

Once the circle is cut out you can attach it to the cup cake stand with some double sided tape.

Now you’ve got one more idea for how to make custom party decorations without breaking the bank…or the clock!

I love it!

3 Response to Custom Cupcake Stand Shelf Liner

March 22, 2010 at 9:15 AM

What a great idea, and you can decorate it to match any occasion! Thanks for sharing.

March 22, 2010 at 11:19 AM

So very cute! I love the colors now!

August 2, 2010 at 11:09 AM

Pretty & practical!

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