Mudroom Reveal

Oh, Yea!  The mudroom is done!  Life is good!  Mamma is happy!

(p.s. this room is only possible because I convinced my husband to move the washer and dryer upstairs to an unused closed in the unused guest room.  Unused closet you say?  Is there such a thing?!?!  Not really, but I hid all that junk somewhere else to convince him we could move the laundry upstairs!  Score!  Now I actually enjoy doing laundry and call that room the "laundry room".  The kids and I are in sync on the new name...hubs just rolls his eyes.)

Like most of you I have a tiny room between the garage and the rest of the house.  They call it a laundry room...but I can it a IHateEverythingAboutThisRoom room.  It has three doors, one linen closet, no windows, and more plumbing and electrical outlets than probably should be crammed into such a tiny space.  We had our washer and dryer there for the first 3 years we have lived here...and I have hated every stinking day of it!  

The door to the hallway is always open and takes up about 6" of precious space doing absolutely nothing!!!

The door to the garage is always being used and swings so close to the washer that the linen closet hidden behind it is practically unusable.  

The front loader washing machine and dryer are so much bigger than whatever sized machines this tiny room was build for 22 years ago that they have to sit right in the middle of the room so the doors don't hit them.  And they stick out past the edge of the doors so you have to swing your hips around them when walking by. 

There is plumbing for a utility sink...but there's no way that's happening with this washer and dryer!

Long story short...THIS ROOM SUCKED!


Not anymore!

Now it's a planked wall and practical storage beauty!

Now it serves a purpose that helps our family EVERY DAY!

Now it houses our command center that might just get me on track with this whole "3 kids" thing!

Now it makes me smile!  And now sometimes I go in there to sit and enjoy the space instead of curse under my breath every time I walk by!

I'm still working out the storage bin situation...and got a way cuter laundry hamper...but you get the jist.  The room is glorious and worth every penny it took to move the laundry upstairs!!!

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