Quick DIY ornaments

So this year I've decided to make new Christmas decorations.  We have officially commited to the "just us on Christmas morning" tradition and won't be traveling at all in the weeks around Christmas.  

(and just an FYI...this new tradition is AWESOME!  Don't get me wrong, I love my family.  I love my in-laws.  I just love the 5 of us more.  With it just us on Christmas we don't have any schedules, or plans, or other people to worry about.  Just us...just awesome!)

So, with us being home pretty much the entire month of December I realized that I hate my current Christmas decorations.  
Well, not all of them...but really all of them.

Am I a glittery girl?  NO!  
So why do so many of my 'filler' ornaments have glitter all over them?

Am I into gold?  NO!  
So why is my color scheme red and gold?

Am I crafty?  YES!  So why haven't I made new stuff yet?!?!

First up...ornaments! 

No need for some overly descriptive tutorial here... 

For the sewn ones I just used a canvas drop cloth and some goodwill sweaters.  
Cut the shape out of the sweater, stitch it to two thicknesses of canvas.  
Don't forget the twine hanger.  
And cut it out.  
Super easy and super fast!

For the wooden ornaments I found a bunch of these small wood cutouts at Michael's.
applied one coat of wood stain
painted chalkboard paint on one
glued a burlap wing on the bird

I also went back and bought some wood snowflake cutouts (not pictured), painted them red and white and hung those suckers up also.

Super fast, super cheap, and finally my style!!

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