Wood and Metal Wall Art

I love large wood art...
I love large metal art...
Why not put them together?!?! 

This unique wall art was made from a metal wall decal I've had for years and some scrap bead board from my garage.

The process is simple and I won't bore you with the details on making a 
quick planked board background or staining it (Dark Walnut).

The only tricky part was how to secure the metal piece.  It comes with one hanger on the back that I used when it was on the wall...but that wouldn't work for this because I needed to completely attach it to the wood background.  So here's what I did:

I found some washers that matched the thickness of the hanger and 
some 4" pieces of medium gauge wire.

I drilled small holes in the wood where I wanted to hang the metal piece.  Then, I folded the wire in half and threaded the loop around the metal art piece and through the washer and hole in the wood

I used a small pin nail on the back and twisted the wire tight. 
DO NOT TAKE THE NAIL OUT or the wire will slip right out.

For the part of the metal piece that had a hanger I did the same thing without the washer.

And you can see below that the wire and washer are barely noticeable. 

You can add picture hangers on the back or lean it on a shelf or mantle.  Another easy and cheap way to make large artwork for your home!

You Just have to find the time!

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